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Jean-Paul is having themself a day, am I right? Soak that sunshine up, GF.


Collection in Color is inspired by moments that made/make my heart smile. On a recent trip to Telluride, I went on a hike with my brother and was completely enamored by every square inch. For JP’s sake, it was the vibrant lichen on a rock just off the trail. A reminder to fall deeply in love with the little intricate moments around you.


Why do I make these? I consistently found myself drawing these small faces whenever I hit a creative block. They are utterly freeing, and urge you to give it a shot. Release your inhibitions and follow your hand instead of your mind.


Printed locally in Burlington, Vermont on William Turner paper. Print of an original. Limited run of 50 per size. Signed, printed, numbered, and dated by the artist. Contact me via email for custom sizes.

Bottled Sunshine

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