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5 Tips in Curating a Creative Space

1. Get Dressed

Put something on that makes you feel like your best self. This could be the softest, comfiest layers, or even the outfit that you've been waiting to wear once the world opens up again.

2. Music

Set the mood. Check-in with yourself and see how you're feeling. Are you looking for slow, dreamy tunes or something a bit more fast-paced? Find some music that will meet your needs to get you in a creative headspace.

3. Take Up Space

Yeah, I said it. SPREAD OUT, make a mess, and move around the room freely. Try being dramatic and just throwing scraps around the room when you're fed up with something. I find that I work best when I can see everything in front of me. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time later to clean up, and it will feel so good.

4. Release

The best advice that an art teacher ever gave me was to make art like a four-year-old. Have you ever noticed how when little kids make art, they don't hold back? Release any inhibitions, and stop trying to make it look like what it is "supposed to look like." Paint with your heart and your whole body and see what happens.

5. Just get started

Starting a new project is hard; there is no question about that. Be gentle with yourself; you will have good days and off days. Before starting a new project, try to draw on scrap paper. See what you like, and keep the test sheet nearby as it may help you again later!

Relax your shoulders, and know that whatever you make is going to be incredible.

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